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Who is allOKay

allOKay Titres Services is a housekeeping team dedicated to meet your highest expectations.

At allOKay we understand that customers are the reason we exist. That is why our team members listen to your needs and wants.
We strive to make the cleaning experience more personalized and enjoyable for you.

We want work to be fun because when people love what they do, they do a better job.

What we do

Whatever your standards, allOKay delivers the kind of services you like.

Our team of trained professionals will clean your house, iron your clothes, take care of your laundry, fill your fridge.
We’ll even prepare a freshly cooked and healthy meal.
All you need to do is enjoy your quality time.

Our residential services are budget-friendly meaning that you will be reimbursed through the system of Titres-Services.
Your net cost per hour will be only 7,65 Euro.



Standard Cleaning

Aroma Cleaning



Small Grocery Shopping

We believe

We believe that Understanding our client`s needs and wants makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

We believe in continual learning and Improvement. We do our best and when we know better we do better.

We believe that people who Love their job will do a better job for you.

We believe that a Happy home should be a clean and healthy home. At allOKay we encourage cleaning with environmentally friendly, greener products. In this way, we contribute to people’s quality of life.
We Believe in building a partnership based on trust by delivering our services with integrity and honesty.

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